The future of cash payments


At CashDev Group, we put our experience and skills to the fore to create efficient and innovative PLCs. Since 2009, we have understood each sector with its own issues in order to help companies design and develop projects with them.

Our cash systems are produced by CashProd, allowing us to retain complete control of each of our products, 100% made in France, from study to dispatch.

Our products can be found everywhere thanks to our distributors with whom we share a close bond.

Our CashDev Group subsidiaries are located around the world to maintain proximity with our customers. You will find us in Africa, in Asia-Pacific, in Italia, in Morocco and in Swiss. As for our network of partners, it extends to more than 25 countries in the world: England, Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Libya, Morocco, New Caledonia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland ...

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