Cash Recycler

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Any brick and mortar business with a large share of cash payments finds a quick return on investment with this solution : bakery, butcher shop, florist, hair dresser, small to large distributors, take away, theme park...

Any business with a large part of payment in cash, with problems of theft (internal or external), finds a rapid return on investment with this solution: bakery, hairdressing salon, butcher, mass distribution, leisure park ...

Smart Cash Manager are compatible with most of cash register software. If you don't already own one, our SCM can come with its own where all the informations that you will daily need are available and printable for more safety.

These automatic cash recycler will add more values at your shop. You will improve your customers satisfaction and your staff precious working time.

Smart Cash Manager - B


With its ergonomic shape, the SCM-B can be set up anywhere you want.


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